Artist Statement

Brought up in the serene village of Crosskeys, I’ve taken quite an influence from the natural beauty of its surroundings throughout my life. I like to achieve an organic free flowing line in my work and take a surreal, playful approach to achieve a thought-provoking image, somewhat as a contradiction to the serenity of my home town. I prefer to use traditional media such as graphite, ink, paint and printmaking.

As to the subject of my work I am particularly interested in human portraiture and anatomy because of the amount of different emotions that can be portrayed through posture, position and expression. I explore my subjects through experimentation, overlapping layered patterns, often with mixed media. I feel that this adds to the complexity of how my work is read.

The underlying ideas surrounding my work include the philosophical theories of utopia and dystopia. This is represented through metaphorical environments, which allow for a wide spectrum of opinion, be it political, personal, social and so on. These areas are completely subjective which is why the theories allow for such a vast potential of imagery and interpretation.